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Passion meets innovative technology: Bosch presents its extensive
two-wheeler expertise with system solutions for safety, powertrain,
and connectivity.

Innovative solutions for a safer, more efficient
and fun riding experience


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Bosch technology is energizing the two-wheeler powertrain. Digital engine control makes two-wheelers considerably more efficient without taking away the fun and performance. Safety systems, developed specifically for two-wheelers, reduce the risk of accidents by detecting critical situations and intervening automatically. Moreover, Bosch provides connectivity solutions for two-wheelers and powersports, ranging from connected onboard systems and outbound data communication to infotainment systems developed especially for two-wheelers.

Bosch has concentrated its two-wheeler and powersports activities into a single business unit to best service the increasing demand for two-wheeler technology as well as individual manufacturer needs. The “Two-Wheeler & Powersports” unit brings together passionate two-wheeler experts from the areas of safety, powertrain, and connectivity, and offers individual components as well as complete system solutions to cover the entire two-wheeler and powersports spectrum.

Connectivity systems:
Bosch connects two-wheelers to the outside world

Bosch brings connectivity to two-wheelers – internally and externally. Intelligently connected on-board systems make life easier for the rider and increase safety. Connectivity systems enable the communication with other vehicles and a wider

infrastructure and ensure that all information is communicated clearly to the rider at all times. The secure transfer of vehicle data to external services and their providers is the basis for new, future-oriented services and business models.

Connecting two-wheelers to the outside world

The connectivity control unit (CCU) uses cloud and internal data from the two-wheeler to improve the vehicle's safety, by monitoring factors such as vehicle stability and, if necessary, trigger the appropriate actions. Thanks to the connection between the two-wheeler and the outside world, the Bosch CCU can be used in many different applications. For example, it can help locate a stolen two-wheeler, or serve as the basis for helpful services such as eCall, bCall, and iCall.

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All-in-one: information and communication center for two-wheelers

Bosch’s integrated connectivity cluster (ICC) was specifically developed for two-wheelers, featuring variable display size and resolution. The ICC displays relevant information related to convenience and safety functions. In addition to a wealth of information presentation options, this compact Bluetooth- and WiFi-enabled unit features a broad range of communication functions in a single device, such as the integrated smartphone solution mySPIN. Riders who enjoy a dynamic ride, can use the ICC to track vehicle data such as roads, lean angles or cornering speeds.

Automatic emergency call
for when the worst happens

Should the rider be involved in an accident, eCall automatically contacts emergency services.

The smart breakdown service
with remote diagnostics

In the event that the two-wheeler breaks down, bCall independently contacts the repair shop and sends the necessary data.

Helpful assistance
on every road

iCall makes accessing service information – such as the location of the nearest gas station – simple and straightforward.

Assistance systems:
More safety, maximum fun

Bosch is the market leader for two-wheeler safety systems. These systems reduce the risk of accidents, especially in hazardous riding conditions, by intervening in critical situations without compromising on riding dynamics.

The motorcycle ABS and motorcycle stability control MSC have been developed specifically for two-wheelers, and offer the right safety system for every segment of the two-wheeler market.

Cornering with control: the world's first "all-in-one" safety systems for two-wheelers

The technical basis of the motorcycle stability control (MSC) is the ABS9 enhanced system. When braking on a curve, MSC reduces the two-wheeler's tendency to return to an upright position. It adapts the braking force between the front and rear wheel, providing the safest decelaration possible. Moreover, MSC can detect the risk of a lowsider and applies the braking pressure needed to ensure the best possible braking performance.

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Braking safety made easy: smaller and lighter ABS as optimized solution

Bosch’s ABS10 for two-wheelers is up to 30 percent smaller and 45 percent lighter than before. The ABS enables riders of small two-wheelers with up to 250 cubic centimeters displacement to safely brake harder and faster. The ABS10 system prevents the wheels from locking in the event of an emergency brake. This keeps the bike stable and thus prevents a great number of falls and accidents. This new solution for two-wheelers in emerging markets is even more significant since the number of countries, implementing ABS as a legal requirement, is increasing rapidly.

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Riding safe and smooth with smart damping control

Thanks to the optimized sensor architecture, the semi-active damping control unit (SDCU) from Bosch makes for a combination of comfort and safety. This distinguishes the unit from other solutions on the market. With the combination of MSC and SDCU, the performance of two-wheelers as well as powersport vehicles is further optimized by functions such as roll-over or lift-up control. For increased comfort, functions such as upper body control, keep the vehicle stable even on uneven roads and thus, increase the rider's comfort as well as safety.

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Powertrain systems and electrification: Innovative core technology for powerful, economical and efficient riding

Bosch brings new energy to the two-wheeler powertrain and offers comprehensive systems for vehicles ranging from small to high-performance bikes. Bosch offers a full range of engine management systems (EMS) with components customized especially for two-wheelers.

This includes components for engine management, fuel supply, air management, injection, ignition, and exhaust gas treatment. Integrated Bosch systems offer both a better cost/benefit ratio and a more enjoyable and dynamic two-wheeler experience.

Increasing efficiency through economical powertrain technology

In combination with highly developed sensor technology, engine management systems (EMS) achieve considerable increases in efficiency as against conventional carburetor systems. Injection-related information such as injected amount or ignition timing is electronically managed, which delivers significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – without compromising the riding-fun. Moreover, the engine control unit collates all requirements for the engine, prioritizes and then implements them.

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Flexible urban mobility: powertrain systems for light electric vehicles

With its integrated powertrain systems for light electric vehicles, Bosch is bringing resource-saving solutions to urban mobility. An in-hub drive system with a power range up to 3 kilowatts and a mid-drive motor for power ranges above 4 kilowatts complement Bosch’s product range of electric motors up to 20 kilowatts. Motor, control unit, battery, charger, display, and app are synchronized with each other to form flexible, versatile systems for light electric vehicles. Thanks to the rapid acceleration, long range, and outstanding safety of this scalable powertrain system for light electromobility, Bosch is creating the technical basis for a long-lasting, enjoyable ride.

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Changing urban mobility: Innovative solutions for the city

The impact of an increase in mobility levels has hit cities the hardest, and there is an urgent need to rethink how we view the issue. Bosch eBike Systems encourages sustainable change on multiple levels by developing efficient eBike powertrain systems and by supporting various projects geared towards putting in place a smart bicycle infrastructure. Modern technologies and innovative product lines from eBike Systems are already offering pioneering solutions. As a global company, Bosch is also doing many things to take responsibility. Using our knowledge and expertise, our ideas and engagement, we meet our own aim of pioneering the mobility of the future and supplying new ways for people to get around quickly, flexibly, and on their own terms.

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