Automated mobility

Bosch is making the autopilot ready for the road

From innovative assistance systems for more safety
and comfort, to partly and highly automated functions
that make driving much easier, to fully automated driving
– little by little, Bosch is paving the way toward the
self-driving car.

Automated mobility

All-around vision means easier parking and maneuvering
The Bosch multi-camera system

Bosch provides a complete view of what is in front, behind, or to the side of the vehicle. With this, car drivers can safely and conveniently park and maneuver.

A new parking experience
with connected and automated parking solutions

Clever solutions support drivers in parking and finding parking spaces more easily, thus raising the bar for convenience, safety, and efficiency.

Automated mobility

Great strides towards the future
Partly automated driving

Partly automated driving functions assist the driver in various situations and increase driving comfort and safety.

Automated mobility

Electric power steering
for highly automated functions

The electromechanical steering system Servolectric® drives automotive megatrends: connected, automated and electrified.

Automated mobility

Personal parking function
Automatic parking via app

With Bosch’s automatic park assist, the car drives itself into parking spaces and out again – completely controlled by smartphone.

Automated mobility

Bosch gives the car senses
Heading towards autopilots

With innovative sensor technology and clever connectivity, Bosch is facilitating highly and fully automatic driving, step by step. Here, you will learn all about what drives us, how advanced the technology is and how it is being developed.

Automated mobility

More safety – automatically
Bosch braking assistant

The Bosch predictive emergency braking system recognizes critical situations in time to help avoid collisions.

Connected mobility

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Automated mobility

Precision stopping
Safe braking with ABS

Bosch’s antilock braking system not only reduces the braking distance, but also permits controlled evasive action.

Automated mobility

Crystal-clear benefits
Better use of wiper fluid

Not a drop of wiper fluid is wasted when using the Bosch Jet Wiper.

Automated mobility

When every meter counts
Braking control for motorcycles

The antilock braking system for two-wheelers ensures controlled braking and reduces the risk of riders falling off.

Powertrain & electrified mobility

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Automated mobility

Smart assistants
In-vehicle assistant systems

Bosch’s innovative assistance systems make driving safer and more comfortable, and serve as the basis for the automated vehicle.

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