The Bosch proving grounds
The best location for your testing needs

With Bosch proving grounds spanning the globe, we offer the optimal resources
and personal support for professional test drives and
driving events, at any time of the year.

more than 40 years

of experience in the testing of safety and vehicle systems under the toughest conditions.

test safely

with professional driver training, Bosch ensures that test track users are able to carry out their driving maneuvers safely.

Successful testing guaranteed
Precise refinement on our tracks

Bosch's proving grounds offer a variety of environments you would need to carry out your vehicle and system tests efficiently and under any conditions you may wish. We can simulate a diverse mix of driving and weather conditions, for all vehicle types. This includes a multitude of test tracks, for all speeds, and every incline, with great traction, or hardly any, simulating land or ice. There is a wide range of specialized services and workshops available to help successfully carry out your test programs.

Bosch proving grounds can also be reserved for professional driver training and driving events, such as customer presentations or marketing events. Visitors benefit from Bosch's decades of experience in vehicle testing ‒ both worldwide and close to home.

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test worldwide

Bosch operates nine proving grounds over four continents. This means all climate requirements are covered for the efficient testing and perfect precision tuning of your vehicles and systems.

host professionally

Bosch supports all your test driving and event plans with an extensive range of services that relieves you of many of the tasks.