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Global demand for two-wheelers and powersports vehicles is on the rise. By 2021, worldwide production of two-wheelers will exceed 160 million; that is a third more vehicles than today. But as that demand grows, still more has to be done to meet riders’ expectations. Urbanization and an awareness of the need for greater sustainability are megatrends that are changing our concept of mobility. At the same time, no one wants to compromise on the thrill of the ride.

Answering riders’ higher expectations calls for new two-wheeler and powersports vehicle concepts. Innovation has set its sights on individual components as well as complete system solutions.

Thanks to Bosch technologies and expertise, manufacturers can meet or even surpass riders’ demands for increased levels of safety and fun. In the two-wheeler and powersports technology segment, Bosch offers suitable assistance systems, connectivity solutions, and systems both for fuel-combustion and electric powertrains.

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Connectivity systems:
Bosch connects two-wheelers to the outside world


Bosch brings connectivity to two-wheelers – internally and externally. Intelligently connected on-board systems make life easier for the rider and increase safety. Connectivity systems enable the communication with other vehicles and a wider

infrastructure and ensure that all information is communicated clearly to the rider at all times. The secure transfer of vehicle data to external services and their providers is the basis for new, future-oriented services and business models.

Connectivity for more safety and comfort

The connectivity control unit (CCU) uses cloud and internal data from the two-wheeler to improve the vehicle's safety, by monitoring factors such as vehicle stability and, if necessary, trigger the appropriate actions. Thanks to the connection between the two-wheeler and the outside world, the Bosch CCU can be used in many different applications. For example, it can help locate a stolen two-wheeler, or serve as the basis for helpful services such as eCall, bCall, and iCall.

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Connected services and systems allow two-wheelers to communicate with the outside world and with other vehicles.


Integrated Connectivity Cluster

The integrated connectivity cluster is an all-in-one rider information and communication center developed especially for motorcycles and powersports vehicles.Because of its intuitive handling and innovative technology, the integrated connectivity cluster is easy to read in all situations and allows riders to focus on the joyful riding experience.



mySPIN: the smartphone integration solution allows easy use of smartphone content and apps on two-wheelers and powersports vehicles.

Assistance systems:
More safety, maximum fun


Bosch is the market leader for two-wheeler safety systems. These systems reduce the risk of accidents, especially in hazardous riding conditions, by intervening in critical situations without compromising on riding dynamics.

The motorcycle ABS and motorcycle stability control MSC have been developed specifically for two-wheelers, and offer the right safety system for every segment of the two-wheeler market.

The world’s first eBike ABS

The world’s first eBike ABS

Traveling by pedelec is about to get even safer: as a leading supplier, Bosch is launching the first production-ready anti-blocking system for eBikes in the form of its eBike ABS. It’s now possible to brake with greater control and stability, even in difficult conditions. The combination of front-wheel ABS and rear-wheel lift control increases safety – a particular advantage for trekking or city rides. Bosch has been pioneering ABS systems for the past 40 years, enabling it to leverage its expertise with the tried-and-tested motorcycle ABS system for the development of the eBike ABS.

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Motorcycle anti-blocking system

Bosch’s ABS10 is now 30% smaller and 45% lighter than before. It is even suitable for small two-wheelers of up to 250cc.


Motorcycle stability control

The world’s first complete ABS system detects the degree of tilt and individually distributes the braking force between the front and rear wheels.


SDCU system (semi-active damping control unit)

The semi-active damping control unit increases safety and driving dynamics. It quickly detects uneven road surfaces.

Powertrain systems and electrification: Innovative core technology for powerful, economical and efficient riding


Bosch brings new energy to the two-wheeler powertrain and offers comprehensive systems for vehicles ranging from small to high-performance bikes. Bosch offers a full range of engine management systems (EMS) with components customized especially for two-wheelers.

This includes components for engine management, fuel supply, air management, injection, ignition, and exhaust gas treatment. Integrated Bosch systems offer both a better cost/benefit ratio and a more enjoyable and dynamic two-wheeler experience.

Flexible urban mobility: powertrain systems for light electric vehicles


With its integrated powertrain systems for light electric vehicles, Bosch is bringing resource-saving solutions to urban mobility. An in-hub drive system with a power range up to 3 kilowatts and a mid-drive motor for power ranges above 4 kilowatts complement Bosch’s product range of electric motors up to 20 kilowatts. Motor, control unit, battery, charger, display, and app are synchronized with each other to form flexible, versatile systems for light electric vehicles. Thanks to the rapid acceleration, long range, and outstanding safety of this scalable powertrain system for light electromobility, Bosch is creating the technical basis for a long-lasting, enjoyable ride.

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A complete system for every situation


Engine management systems

Combined with advanced sensor technology, electronic engine management systems bring increased efficiency compared to conventional combustion engines.


Engine management for light two-wheelers

The engine control unit for small bikes manages various functions such as fuel supply, ignition, gas injection, and air management.


Engine control unit for high-performance motorcycles

The powerful engine control unit for high-performance and efficient riding optimized for two-wheeler and powersports vehicles.

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