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Innovative solutions for safer, more efficient and convenient mobility

Mobility is in a process of rapid transformation throughout the world. And that applies just as much to mobility on two wheels. From powerful motorcycles and city scooters to trekking e-bikes for tours in the open countryside and powersports vehicles for off-road thrills – the vehicle of the future must be connected, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly, while at the same time being great fun to use. At EICMA in Milan, Bosch will therefore be presenting new systems and solutions that satisfy these wide-ranging requirements and that usher two-wheeled mobility into the future with innovative technology.

As a leading technology provider for two-wheelers and powersports vehicles, Bosch plays an active role in all key areas of mobility with its comprehensive portfolio and extensive expertise. Visitors to the Bosch booth will experience effective rider assistance systems that provide greater safety, comfort, and convenience as well as smart connectivity solutions for the digital age and efficient electric powertrain systems that provide a fascinating and dynamic riding experience in diverse vehicle segment and performance classes.
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The world on two wheels –
Bosch at EICMA in Milan, November 6–11, 2018


Rider assistance systems – a step ahead in safety


Bosch is the market leader in safety systems for two-wheelers. They reduce the accident risk, particularly in critical riding situations, without impairing handling dynamics.

After introducing motorcycle ABS and motorcycle stability control (MSC), Bosch is going one step further by providing innovative assistance systems that keep a constant eye on what is happening in the motorcycle’s surroundings. Using tried-and-tested motorcycle technologies as a basis, Bosch is also enhancing safety for cyclists by introducing the first production-ready ABS for e-bikes.

Advanced rider assistance systems
keep a constant eye on the two-wheeler’s surroundings


Riding a motorcycle is thrilling and a whole lot of fun, but there are many dangers too. That is why Bosch is further improving motorcycle safety and is now taking the surroundings of the two-wheeler into consideration too. According to calculations from Bosch's accident research, one in seven motorcycle accidents can be prevented by advanced rider assistance systems thanks to their ability to identify critical situations and provide the rider with effective assistance.

Using the interplay between the radar sensors, brakes, engine management, and HMI as a basis, Bosch has been able to implement an entire package of life-saving assistance features. The adaptive cruise control automatically adapts the vehicle speed to the traffic flow and maintains the necessary safe distance to the vehicle ahead. The collision warning and blind spot detection furthermore provide hazard alerts, ensuring the rider can react in time.

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New eBike ABS for enhanced safety in the city and countryside


Due to the additional electric propulsive force provided by their bicycles, e-bike riders are among the most vulnerable road users. With the world’s first production-ready anti-lock braking system for e-bikes, Bosch is taking safety for e-bike riders in the city and on trekking tours to the next level. The system is based on the already successfully established ABS for motorcycles and ensures more controlled braking even in difficult terrain. The eBike ABS additionally combines the electronic regulation of front-wheel brake pressure with protection against rear-wheel lift, giving the e-bike more stability during braking. The entire system weighs only around 800 grams and is already enabled above a speed of 6 km/h.

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Motorcycle anti-lock braking system

Bosch’s ABS10 is nearly 30 percent lighter and 45 percent smaller than before. It is even suitable for small two-wheelers of up to 250cc.


Motorcycle stability control

The world’s first complete MSC system detects the degree of tilt and individually distributes the braking force between the front and rear wheels.


SDCU system (semi-active damping control unit)

The semi-active damping control unit increases safety and driving dynamics. It quickly detects uneven road surfaces.

Powertrain systems and electrification –
efficiency meets maximum riding enjoyment


Bosch has a comprehensive product portfolio and extensive systems expertise in the area of powertrain systems for mass-mobility two-wheeled vehicles, including high-performance bikes and powersports vehicles.

Bosch’s portfolio includes complete systems and components specially designed for two-wheelers with conventional combustion engines and powertrain systems for light electric vehicles in many performance classes, from 0.25 to 20 kW, as well as e-bike systems. The powertrain systems from Bosch provide an impressive level of efficiency while ensuring outstanding riding enjoyment and handling dynamics on two and more wheels.

Feel the power – electric powertrain systems
for dynamic urban mobility

The world’s first eBike ABS

With increasing traffic volume, congestion on a daily basis, and poor air quality, towns and major cities all over the world are faced with the challenges of their growing population. Electrified mobility can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life in cities. As an electromobility innovation driver, Bosch offers a wide range of electric powertrain systems for vehicles on two or more wheels.

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E-scooter system in the 0.25–4 kW performance class

The e-scooter system in the 0.25–4 kW performance class provides impressive range, dynamic acceleration.


Electric Central Drive System

The scalable system for light electric vehicles in the 4–20 kW performance class provides an even better performance and an unique riding experience.


E-bike drive systems

Particularly in Europe, the e-bike is taking the market by storm. E-bike drive systems from Bosch ensure riding in town is relaxing and fun.

Connectivity systems –
digital lifestyle on two wheels


Bosch gets two-wheelers and powersports vehicles connected – internally as well as with the outside world. Smart, connected on-board systems assist the rider and enhance safety. They are a source of information and entertainment on the road thanks, for example, to specially adapted apps, navigation, and vehicle data displays.

Connected systems from Bosch ensure the rider has access to all the essential information in the right format in every situation. The secure transmission of vehicle data to external services and their providers is the basis for innovative services and business models that will meet future requirements.

Infotainment and instruments
for a fascinating connected riding experience


Thanks to connected solutions from Bosch, riders no longer have to put up with a lack of access to digital information and entertainment while on the road on their motorcycles and powersports vehicles. The integrated connectivity cluster specially developed for these vehicle categories makes it possible to show content from the rider’s smartphone, other connected devices, and the internet alongside vehicle data on the vehicle’s cluster display. The crystal-clear screen is easy to read in all weather conditions. The rider can operate the functions intuitively and safely using the rotary controller and buttons on the handlebars.

Furthermore, with mySPIN – the cluster compatible smartphone integration solution – riders have an easy way of displaying the content and apps from their smartphone on the vehicle’s display. To ensure riders are not distracted during their ride, all of the apps have been specifically adapted to mobile use and only present the rider with the most important functions and information. The open platform furthermore provides manufacturers with many opportunities for making the connected riding experience even more fascinating.

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Augmented reality for improved maintenance and servicing


To optimize maintenance processes and technical training, Bosch is committed to the development of innovative augmented reality technologies. The diagnostics platform GRADE-X® covers the entire vehicle diagnostics cycle, from the development of diagnostics systems for various ECUs to online and offline analysis of diagnostics data and fault repair. GRADE-X® furthermore helps technicians quickly locate the respective component in the vehicle and draws their attention to associated potential problems.

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