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The mobility of the future is connected, automated, electrified, and packed with exciting technology. Discover the way Bosch is teaching the vehicle how to drive, bringing seamless connectivity to mobility, and energizing the powertrain. Visit us in Hall 8, booth A03 at the IAA in Frankfurt from September 14 to 24 and at New Mobility World at Agora open-air section. We invite you to discover our forward-looking technologies and mobility concepts.

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Experience Bosch at the IAA - our booth, and more

Rolf Bulander, chairman of Bosch Mobility Solutions, and Dirk Hoheisel, member of the board of management, show all the latest developments in the areas of automation, electrification, and connectivity.

“It's not just a case of making better cars. We need new conceptions of mobility.”

Dr. Volkmar Denner

Dr. Volkmar Denner

Chairman, Board of Management Robert Bosch GmbH

State-of-the-art mobility: Bosch presents innovations at the IAA


Bosch is seamlessly connecting mobility
Our IAA highlights in the field of connected mobility


Connectivity is the key to tomorrow’s mobility. At Bosch, connected driving is already a reality: 1.5 million vehicles are already connected via the Bosch IoT Suite. Bosch also has unique expertise in the automotive sector in the key fields for the Internet of Things: sensors, software, and services.

Another reason why Bosch is increasingly becoming a provider of mobile services. These include services for shared mobility, access to your smart home from your car, and complete technology and service packages for smart cities.

Further topics connected mobility


Perfectly keyless

The convenient keyless vehicle access system enables passive vehicle access and start via a mobile phone.


Connected services: The spirit of being connected

Go on a journey with Bosch and find out about connected services and mobility.


Predictive diagnostics

Predictive diagnostics uses vehicle data and information from the cloud to prevent unexpected breakdowns.


Central Gateway

The central communication node for bus systems acts as a router and is the gate for all data coming into and out of the vehicle.

Bosch is teaching the vehicle how to drive
Our IAA highlights in the field of automated mobility


Automated driving is coming faster than you think – also in urban areas. Bosch is working with 3,000 developers on making this a reality together with its partners: driverless car-sharing fleets in inner-city traffic, early in the next decade, are taking shape as Bosch brings the computing power of the IT world onto the roads.

The intelligence in cars of the future will be generated by a few host computers whose computing power by 2020 will be around 200 times that of today’s control units. These developments aim at achieving Bosch’s primary goal of making traffic on the road as accident-free as possible.

Further topics automated mobility


New generation of braking systems

In combination with ESP®, the even more compact iBooster2 meets the braking systems requirements for automated self-driving cars.


Electric power steering system for safe automated driving

The fail-operational Servolectric® electric power steering system uses redundant electronics to enable highly automated driving.


A world's first: eBike ABS

Safer pedelec riding: Bosch is launching the first standard anti-lock braking system for eBikes in the form of eBike ABS.

Bosch is bringing new energy to the powertrain
Our IAA highlights in the field of electrified mobility


Bosch translates powertrain electrification into market success. Worldwide, more than half a million vehicles featuring electric powertrain components from Bosch are already on the roads. Moreover, we are currently seeing a trend towards small, light electric vehicles that reduce emissions and congestion especially in urban areas, without compromising on the fun factor. Bosch has developed a powertrain system that makes it possible to bring new vehicles to market with very short lead times.

Bosch also provides solutions that make electromobility affordable in larger cars. Especially when combined with electric components, combustion engines can deliver more efficient mobility over longer distances. That’s why Bosch is working systematically to further develop gasoline and diesel powertrains.

Further topics electrified mobility


Common-rail system with solenoid injectors

The diesel injection system enables flexible and precise fuel injection with a system pressure of up to 2,500 bar.


48-volt battery

Along with a boost recuperation machine and a DC-DC converter, the 48-volt battery is the main component in the 48-volt system.


Vehicle control unit

The central computer for the powertrain frees up installation space, reduces vehicle weight, and simplifies communication among control units.


Port and direct gasoline injection

Bosch combines gasoline direct injection with port fuel injection in one system, fully exploiting the strengths of each.


Powertrain system for light electric vehicles

With its scalable powertrain system for light electric vehicles, Bosch has created the technological basis for a unique driving experience.

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