Connected mobility at your fingertips
Bosch mobility apps for smartphones

Progress was never so moving
and it’s just one touch away

The world is moving faster and faster. Luckily, we have smartphones to connect us in real time with a digital universe of information. It is therefore no longer the car alone that accelerates our progress at such a high rate. For this reason, Bosch goes beyond cutting-edge automotive technology – it ensures that the accompanying software environment and service infrastructure are also state of the art.

See for yourself: with Bosch mobility apps, you and your smartphone can always stay up to date. You don't pay inflated gasoline prices, you don't have to worry about a tiring search for a charging station, and you save yourself unnecessary repair time. As a result, you can design your mobility to be safe, economical, and convenient. Find out for yourself how Bosch mobility apps can enrich your daily life, or create genuine added value for you at work.

By inventors – for explorers
Our mobility apps for your everyday life


Exclusive charging
and use of eMobility everywhere

Charging apps provide all information about charging processes and available stations - and reserves a charging station on request.


Connected eBike world
from handlebars to smartphone

On the same wavelength as the eBike's on-board computer: via Bluetooth, you can evaluate training data, save trip data, and organize destinations.


A guardian angel in all areas of life
is just a click away

Vivatar sends GPS data from the current location and the rescue center responds immediately – any time, day or night.

Solution wanted – help found
Our mobility apps for repair shop and fleets


Info on every aspect of the fleet vehicle
from one single source

Vehicle diagnostics, logbook, and much more for the optimum evaluation of vehicle information.


Vehicle diagnosis by smartphone
saves time and money on repairs

Mobile Scan lets your smartphone do the diagnosing. Just insert the OBD adapter and read out the error codes.


Staying on top of things with CAP
Augmented reality in the repair shop

A look through the body: CAP "illuminates" vehicles and offers information on components and repair instructions.


More apps by Bosch
to enhance your day-to-day life

Discover more practical apps in the Bosch App Center: Bosch offers connected solutions for every aspect of your life.