Safety, efficiency, and more free
time: The connected car in 2025

Bosch is driving the seamless connectivity of mobility forward. This helps
ensure fewer accidents, conserves natural resources, and saves time on
the road. The connected car in 2025 will be able to do all that and more.

About the study "Connected Car Effect 2025"

Bosch and Prognos experts about the results of the “Connected Car Effect 2025” study

Study methodology:

Bosch and Prognos assessed various technologies for private passenger transport and how widespread they are, before projecting the resulting effects in Germany and the U.S., as well as major cities in China, by 2025. The model is based on international statistics on development of the vehicle fleet, accident data, and current research, as well as estimates by experts at Bosch and Prognos.

Connected helpers of the future: Bosch technologies from the connected car study


Community-based parking

With community-based parking, drivers use information acquired by the community to get to the nearest available parking spot.


Highly automated driving

Highly automated driving is the key to achieving more safety, efficiency, and relaxation in traffic.


Automated valet parking

With automated valet parking, the vehicle drives itself to its parking space inside the parking garage.

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