Ten billion superheroes
in chip format

They measure acceleration, yaw rate, and air quality – in real time and with a high degree of precision: MEMS sensors. They are the sensory organs of modern technical systems and the key technology for the connected world and the internet of things.

Micro-electro-mechanical systems – known as MEMS for short – are a combination of electronics and mechanics. Each MEMS sensor consists of tiny structures made of silicon.

With the help of these silicon structures, they convert precision mechanical movements into an electrical signal. This is read out and further processed as a digital value in a control unit. Bosch is a pioneer of this technology and the leading manufacturer of MEMS sensors worldwide. Since production started in 1995, Bosch has manufactured ten billion such sensors.

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Here are five facts about these tiny components

The most compact MEMS sensor made by Bosch is smaller than a pinhead.


Today, every new vehicle contains an average of five Bosch MEMS sensors.


The Bosch BMA400 MEMS sensor consumes ten times less electricity than comparable MEMS acceleration sensors.


More than half of all the world’s smartphones contain at least one Bosch MEMS sensor. These sensors are also key components of tablets, drones, games consoles, wearables, and augmented- and virtual-reality applications.


Bosch has been the world’s leading manufacturer of MEMS sensors since 2013.

The story so far


The “Bosch process” for manufacturing MEMS sensors – the key to large-scale series production – is developed.


Bosch mass-produces its first MEMS sensor, a pressure sensor for engine management.


Bosch develops its first MEMS sensor for consumer electronics, enhancing the fun of games consoles.


Thirteen years after the start of production, the one-billionth MEMS sensor leaves the factory.


Bosch opens its 200-millimeter wafer factory in Reutlingen.


Bosch produces its five-billionth MEMS sensor.


Twenty-three years after starting large-scale production, Bosch breaks the 10-billion threshold for MEMS sensors.

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