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Driven by maximum passion, Bosch has already been active in motorsports for more than a century. And in this respect, the company has always had its sights firmly set on one goal: new components and solutions in the race car must always meet the demands of the driver, the team, and the corresponding racing series.

Smarter, faster, more individual: as the possibilities offered by technology increase, the world of motorsports is also becoming even more complex and demanding. But entirely new approaches are not always required in order to stay ahead in the race. This is where Bosch has a clear lead: when it comes to high-performance technology solutions, Bosch can fall back on a huge portfolio of volume production products.

From volume production to pole position: individual production components are continuously being adapted to suit the very special requirements of motorsports. In this context, existing systems are further developed with innovative ideas and thus matched with the requirements of the driver or team in various race series. Once applied successfully in motorsports, these developments are also brought back to volume production vehicles and established there.

Technical know-how and innovative approaches – this combination has enabled Bosch to stay on track for more than a century.

Dr. Klaus Böttcher, Director Bosch Motorsport

Dr. Klaus Böttcher, Director Motorsports at Bosch Engineering GmbH

Klaus Böttcher has been head of the area of Motorsports at Bosch Engineering GmbH since January 2000. He is driven by an enthusiasm for motorsports and the variety of the different series.

Every day, he works with customers from all over the world to get new ideas onto the racetrack, and he already has numerous successes under his belt. With his team, Klaus Böttcher has developed various innovative solutions which are implemented and applied at international level. And to ensure that this continues to be the case, Klaus Böttcher and his team are pushing the world of motorsports and challenging prevailing standards every day.

“When we think of motorsports, we usually think of high performance and high speeds. But performance also has to do with the right timing – which means making the right solution available to our customers at the right time.”

Dr. Klaus Böttcher

Director Bosch Motorsports at Bosch Engineering GmbH

The ECP 160 makes it possible to outpace the competition even in the hottest phase of the race.

Flexible in use and individually operable – the electric coolant pump from Bosch.

The electric coolant pump wins the Product Showcase Award presented by Autosport International.

“The idea behind the electric coolant pump was not its use with the combustion engine – the actual task involved cooling the battery”, explains Klaus Böttcher. The batteries used in Formula E racing react ultra-sensitively to fluctuations in temperature: if they get too hot, output is reduced drastically and the race car immediately falls back from the competition.

The team headed by Klaus Böttcher made it its task to find a solution for this problem. The high-performance electric pump ECP 160 for regulating battery cooling even exceeded their own expectations:

“It means that over a much longer period, far more output can be extracted from the battery.”

Extremely light, extremely simple and extremely swiftly regulable: another advantage of the ECP 160 is its independence from the engine speed. This makes it possible to operate the pump as required, which ensures perfect thermal management of combustion and electric engines, batteries and inverters.

Outstanding technology: apart from its successful application in Formula E, the ECP 160 has also won the Product Showcase Award*.

*This award by Autosport International highlights outstanding products and performance, e.g. in the areas of innovation, energy efficiency, and safety.

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Maximum efficiency and safety when braking – the ABS M5

Numerous variable aspects need to be considered in racing – from various race series and circuits through to changing weather conditions or road surfaces and tires. Avoiding accidents in motorsports is therefore of key significance for Klaus Böttcher: “This huge variety and the demands for permanently providing optimal performance at the limit of what is physically possible while ensuring maximum safety for the drivers have led to us significantly improving volume-production ABS and fitting it with a dedicated motorsports setup.”

ABS M5 from Bosch attributes racing drivers the decisive edge of being able to adapt the system individually to their driving style and route conditions. The brake system is already used in professional motorsports such as at the Nürburgring 24-hour race. But ABS M5 offers even more potential: the next major step will be to adapt this solution optimally for the electric powertrain.

More on the ABS M5

With the ABS M5 from Bosch, the racing line is maintained on any circuit and in any situation.

“Our ABS M5 system significantly optimizes braking times and stopping distances. And the later I brake, the better my lap time will be. Newcomers and amateur race car drivers in particular will benefit from significantly better control over their race cars.”

Dr. Klaus Böttcher

Director Bosch Motorsport at Bosch Engineering GmbH

The driver's third eye: CAS-M3

With their CAS-M3, the team headed by Klaus Böttcher initially pursued the idea of replacing the rear mirror of the race car with video signals and displays, thereby improving night vision in particular. “And then my team came up with the clever idea of fitting additional radar sensors”, explains Klaus Böttcher.

The radar signals revolutionize the system: now the driver not only sees whether a vehicle is approaching from behind – he also sees how fast it is driving, what side it is going to pass on and whether it is a vehicle of the same category. This is especially relevant for races such as the 24-hour race at Nürburgring where up to five different vehicle classes compete against each other.

“By introducing the CAS-M3, we have managed to minimize the accident rate in these races. Just one example: drivers in the lower race classes can now detect whether the vehicle approaching from behind is a vehicle of their own category, enabling them to react more consciously or, in the event of an approach by a car from a higher category, simply let it pass.”

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DTM and Bosch: in the fast lane together

Since 2000, the DTM has been relying on technology from Bosch, including in the areas of engine control, displays, starters and generators. Klaus Böttcher also attributes maximum significance to race series sponsoring:

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“It is all about utilizing the topic of motorsports for the Bosch brand and demonstrating: ‘We are there, we offer maximum performance and, above all, we are reliable partners to our customers.’”

On the winning side: Bosch as a sponsor and partner of Formula E

“Electrification has arrived in motorsports. Our goal in Formula E racing is to make the following clear to customers and spectators alike: We offer maximum performance – in all areas.”

Klaus Böttcher knows the role played by electrification in the world today.

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That is why the partnership with the electric championship is more than mere sponsoring for Bosch: the company is already represented with components in this racing series. Accordingly, the extensive know-how offered by Bosch is a decisive driver of mobility in the areas of automation, electrification, and connectivity.

“In motorsports, the first to cross the line is not always the only winner. Winners are also those who take risks and successfully test new technologies.”

Dr. Klaus Böttcher

Director Bosch Motorsport at Bosch Engineering GmbH

In the starting blocks: Bosch supports the next generation

By promoting up-and-coming engineers, Bosch is also safeguarding the future of the sector. Bosch supports the next generation in the form of the Formula Student. This offers students the opportunity to build their own formula race cars with the support of the experts, as well as to test and optimize them under real racing conditions.

With its comprehensive system competence, Bosch not only holds the key to the future of mobility but also safeguards the future of new powertrain concepts by promoting up-and-coming engineers.

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