Bosch at CES 2022

Collaborating to shape a new era of mobility – Bosch at the CES 2022

Smart, connected, update-ready – what is already a given in consumer electronics is also increasingly expected in vehicles. Bosch not only wants to meet expectations but rather set new standards. To this end, Bosch is using its decades of expertise in vehicle electronics and software to set the course for the software-defined vehicle. This gives rise to endless possibilities for sustainable, safe, and exciting mobility.

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Connectivity systems

Complete solutions for all key areas of mobility

As a diversified leading global supplier of technology and services, Bosch is involved in all key areas that shape mobility today and tomorrow. To this end, Bosch combines hardware, software, and services to create complete solutions for connectivity, automation, personalization, and powertrain.

Connected mobility

The intelligent connection of users, vehicles, and services offers great potential for making mobility safer and more flexible, while also increasing efficiency and driving pleasure. To this end, Bosch combines its outstanding expertise in mobility and data with connected vehicle technology, its own powerful IT infrastructure, and the development of innovative mobility services.

Personalized mobility

Moving individually and flexibly, while being free to choose how we want to get around at any time. Bosch is fueling the trend toward independent mobility by developing innovative mobility platforms and services - for example, with apps for vehicle sharing and for networked parking space searches, or with personalized solutions for charging electric vehicles.

Automated mobility

Autonomous vehicles help to solve many challenges of mobility - on a large scale as well as in the everyday life of each individual user. That's why Bosch is paving the way for automated driving, step by step. The Bosch portfolio includes advanced sensor and camera technology as well as intelligent assistance systems for greater safety and comfort, and production-ready solutions for automatic parking and exiting.

Powertrain systems and electrified mobility

For Bosch, the future of mobility lies in a mix of different energy-efficient powertrain solutions. With its electrified drive systems, Bosch is a consistent pioneer of electromobility. The range includes battery-electric drives as well as those with fuel cells and hybrid solutions. And the optimization of internal-combustion engines is ensuring that they, too, are becoming ever better at combining performance and economy.

A new era for vehicles

Today, a vehicle is in its best condition when it leaves the factory. But with the software-defined vehicle, that will change: Bosch takes a holistic approach, in which vehicles can be continually optimized within the limits of their hardware – for example, by updating vehicle functions through over-the-air updates and upgrades. Software solutions will therefore become a decisive differentiating factor in the future.

A paradigm shift of this scale enables not only new business models but also demands new forms of collaboration: Bosch, ETAS, and Microsoft are pooling their expertise and collaborating on development. Together, they are creating an open technology platform in order to get the software-defined vehicle on the road quickly. The foundation of this collaboration is a strong open-source community that develops common standards, among other efforts.

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Continuous optimization thanks to over-the-air updates.

What is a software-defined vehicle?

Achim Nonnenmacher, Lead Product & Portfolio Software-defined Vehicle.

Achim Nonnenmacher, product and portfolio lead for the software-defined vehicle, explains why it takes up to seven years for a function update to be available in vehicles today, what full programmability will change in the future, and how vehicles will be constantly optimized even when they are already on the road.

How is a vehicle in 2021 different from one in 2031?

Claudio Seitz, Lead Product & Portfolio Software-defined Vehicle.

Claudio Seitz, product and portfolio lead for the software-defined vehicle, explains why vehicles today are designed to remain nearly unchanged over their life cycle and how future vehicles will be constantly developed and improved.

What are the three greatest challenges of developing software and services for the automotive industry?

Sven Kappel, Vice President.

Sven Kappel, vice president - head of project for the software-defined vehicle, discusses the three greatest challenges in the industry. He explains how the complexity of software will increase in the coming years and why this challenge must be met. He also talks about organizational complexity, and how mentality and culture influence collaboration in the industry.

Update and upgrade over-the-air

One of the key advantages of the software-defined vehicle is that it can be optimized even after delivery through over-the-air updates and upgrades. In the future, new features can be enabled on an individual basis based on the driver’s needs.

Callbacks due to critical software errors, for example, which are equally troublesome for OEMs, workshops, and drivers, will be a thing of the past.

Update and upgrade over-the-air: New cloude services and features throughout vehicle's live time

Relevant solutions from Bosch

Over-the-air updates

Over-the-air updates

With software or firmware updates over the air (SOTA/FOTA), Bosch ensures that vehicles are always up to date.

Cloud services

Cloud services

With cloud-based services and the internet of things, Bosch creates new opportunities and mobility offers.

Predictive road condition services

Predictive road condition services

Predictive road condition services provide real-time information about road conditions, thus increasing safety for the driver.

Rental car and fleet services

Bosch enables a completely new experience for customers and operators: thanks to automated valet parking and the digital vehicle key, the entire pick-up and drop-off process is completely automated. If the interior monitoring system (RideCare) determines that the vehicle needs to be cleaned, it drives to the corresponding cleaning station itself.

And if charging is required, the car uses the automated valet parking infrastructure to drive to the charging station fully automatically, where a charging robot connects the charging cable. The vehicle then parks in its final parking position and is ready for the next customer.

Automated valet parking: Vehicle is guided driverles to charging station or workshop

Relevant solutions from Bosch

Automated valet parking

Automated valet parking

The world’s first driverless parking service that is compliant with SAE Level 4. It enables optimal space utilization and new service offerings.

RideCare solutions

RideCare solutions

Thanks to transparent monitoring of the condition of the vehicle, RideCare makes shared mobility safe and comfortable to use.

Identity xtended

Identity xtended

Identity xtended is the next generation of the perfectly keyless product that enables a precise localization and a secure key management.

Digital service enablement

The added value of the software-defined vehicle increases, similar to a smartphone, with the number of applications and services available. For this reason, Bosch is providing developers with an open technology platform that enables them to develop applications and services that work in a variety of vehicles from different manufacturers.

For example, they obtain access to data from deeply embedded sensors and algorithms, with which the existing vehicle architecture can be optimally used for new services.

Added value of the software-defined vehicle

Open technology platform for the software-defined vehicle

Open technology platform

Bosch is developing an open technology platform for software solutions

In collaboration with its partners, Bosch is developing an open technology platform for software solutions. Bosch is focusing on highly integrated development tools and vehicle-related cloud platform services. This approach is based on developments in the zone-oriented E/E architecture with vehicle computers. In this way, Bosch ensures strong software integration across all vehicle domains. Jointly developed industry standards result in an optimized development process for all partners. At the same time, costs and use of resources are reduced through modular software components. With this software-centered development, Bosch is more efficiently defining the way vehicle software will be developed, tested, and delivered in the future.

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Charging services for a seamless and user-friendly experience

The connected charging solutions from Bosch support drivers of electric vehicles – with route planning that provides personalized recommendations for charging points and accurate range prediction, easy payment options for use of public charging stations, and cost-optimized charging at home.

But not only drivers will benefit: vehicle manufacturers, service providers, fleet operators, and operators of charging stations can use the solution to offer their customers additional services.

The connected charging solutions from Bosch

Convenience charging

Convenience charging

Convenience charging: Bosch provides a package of smart services

Electromobility is capturing the mass market and is providing users with an especially fascinating driving experience alongside highly convenient, personalized mobility thanks to smart solutions. And that also applies to the necessary charging stops too. With convenience charging, Bosch provides a package of smart services that cover the entire user experience related to battery charging. By making the interaction with vehicles and charging services a seamless experience, users can enjoy fascinating, personalized, and highly flexible mobility.

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