Connected services for two-wheelers

Connected services for two-wheelers

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Bosch enables innovative cloud-based connectivity services for a whole new connected riding experience. With connectivity solutions from Bosch, two-wheeler riders can achieve a new level of safety thanks to, for instance, the automatic emergency call function that can be used in the event of an accident or precise localization if the vehicle was stolen.

A wealth of new possibilities becomes available to riders of connected motorcycles and scooters, like the ability to use apps, or access up-to-date information at the push of a button. Bosch's seamless approach facilitates data communication and management and enables cloud-based services throughout the life cycle of the connected two-wheeler.

Connected systems for safe and convenient mobility

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Automatic emergency call (eCall)

The eCall automatic emergency call system is a milestone on the path to increased road safety for two-wheelers. The vehicle’s connectivity hardware reports a detected accident and its location automatically to the emergency call center, which then immediately informs the emergency services. This enables first responders to arrive at the scene much more quickly, even in situations in which accident victims are unable to call for help themselves. Connectivity can thus provide a decisive time saving that can save lives.

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Breakdown call (bCall)

Breakdowns are always annoying and can be very time-consuming. This is where the breakdown call feature (bCall) comes to the rescue of connected two-wheelers. In the event of a fault, the rider can immediately connect to the service center at the push of a button. The diagnostics data is then sent from the vehicle, so the breakdown service has all the essential information already in advance. This enables the roadside assistance mechanics to prepare for their call-out, for example, by bringing the right spare parts with them straight away.

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Information call (iCall)

With the iCall information service, riders of connected two-wheelers can connect to the service center at the push of a button and receive information and support if they have questions or specific needs, like knowing where the next gas station is located, booking a hotel room, or receiving useful information about tourist attractions.

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Theft tracking and recording tour data

Theft tracking and recording tour data

Connected two-wheelers provide their riders with numerous useful options and features. If, for example, a vehicle is stolen, a signal is sent to the service center, which notifies the vehicle owner. The service center can then determine the vehicle’s current position and pass it on to the police.

Another option provided by connectivity is the ability to precisely record tour data. The two-wheeler’s data recorder records information like the altitude that the vehicle has ascended and descended, the acceleration and deceleration values, the gears used, and bank angles while cornering. This data can be sent to a cloud service from where the rider can download and analyze it. Riders therefore have an easy way of retracing their most enjoyable tours.

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mySPIN – the smart smartphone integration solution


Thanks to the mySPIN integration solution, two-wheeler riders always have access to the apps and content on their smartphone.

mySPIN keeps riders connected on their motorcycle, scooter, or powersports vehicle, enabling them to access the content on their smartphone and use apps while on the road. The content is displayed on the two-wheeler’s display and can be accessed safely and intuitively also during the ride using rotary controllers and buttons on the handlebars.

To ensure riders are not distracted during their ride, all of the apps have been specifically adapted to mobile use and only present the rider with the relevant functions and information. The open platform furthermore provides manufacturers with many opportunities for making the connected riding experience even more fascinating with further innovative ideas.

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Vehicle management platform – connectivity solution for cloud-based services

Vehicle Management Platform

A consistent connectivity solution for the entire vehicle life cycle

Bosch keeps two-wheelers connected throughout their life cycle, from initial development right up to when the vehicle is on the road. The vehicle management platform is the technical basis for cloud-based services. The platform comprises two primary components. Firstly, the basic software module, which is the secure communication interface between the vehicle, cloud, and services. Secondly, there is the data management module, which enables two-wheeler manufacturers and fleet managers to organize, analyze, and display vehicle data and make it available for use.

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