Connected solutions for tomorrow’s mobility

Connected solutions
for tomorrow’s mobility

Bosch paves the way for new in-vehicle experiences

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Info grafic: Connectivity solutions from Bosch

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Info grafic: Connectivity solutions from Bosch

Driverless cars, connected services, new sharing concepts – the automotive industry is in the midst of change. The internet of things (IoT) is opening up a whole new world of possibilities that will push the boundaries of mobility. But what will the future really look like on the roads? One thing is for certain: new technologies are going to revolutionize today’s mobility. They will turn the journey into a digitally enhanced experience and connect the vehicle to its surroundings. With Bosch, connected mobility is becoming a reality – using new, innovative mobility services, the company is playing an active role in shaping the transformation of mobility. More efficient, safer, and more comfortable and convenient – mobility products and services will be improved continuously. The interplay between different systems and services will lead to smart mobility solutions that offer users enhanced in-vehicle experiences.

The result is a vision that merges the most advanced technologies, connected services, and an extensive range of information and entertainment services with one another, turning the vehicle into a fascinating shuttle.

On the road to connected mobility, Bosch has already successfully mastered several challenges. But how close is this future really?

“Bosch is developing a unique package of hardware, software, and mobility services for shuttle mobility of the future.”

Dr. Markus Heyn, Member of the Board of Management at Robert Bosch GmbH

Dr. Markus Heyn

Member of the board of management and chairman of the Mobility Solutions business sector

arriving safe and sound

Smart vehicle connectivity and information exchange between vehicles and with the traffic infrastructure reduce the accident risk.

comfort and convenience on the road

Connected vehicles make the journey more comfortable, safer, and more efficient and provide access to a wide variety of online services.

Mobility of the future gains momentum

Future mobility will bring smart, electrified, connected, and automated vehicles to our roads.

Intuitive, personalized, and smart – that’s connected mobility of the future

Personalized cockpits, connected services, a vast array of information and entertainment options – step by step, Bosch is making its vision of the IoT concept shuttle a reality. Solutions from Bosch are today already making mobility safer, more efficient, and more comfortable and convenient.

Digital services, for instance, help drivers find a parking space, and displays in the cockpit can be personalized according to the user’s wishes and needs. The range of infotainment offered to users in modern vehicles is growing continuously too.

Especially when it comes to connected and automated driving , though, one aspect is of crucial importance: the technology behind it. It is the foundation on which this new kind of mobility is built. After all, it ensures a continuous, secure, and smooth flow of communication within vehicles, among vehicles, and between vehicles and their surroundings.

The perfect interplay between connected services and digital solutions for the vehicle interior and a smart combination of hardware and software will in future enable fascinating, new in-vehicle experiences.

Connected services enhance comfort, efficiency, and safety for a fun and fascinating experience

Connected services enhance comfort, efficiency, and safety for a fun and fascinating experience

Connected services from Bosch are transforming mobility. Numerous vehicle solutions, like the eCall automatic emergency call system and assistance systems for traffic jams, lead to improved traffic flow and enhanced safety on the roads. Not only that, services that help drivers find a suitable charging station, for instance, or smartphones that can be used as a secure car key create a whole new range of convenience-related possibilities that go far beyond just driving from A to B.

It means more quality time becomes available for the things that are really important in our lives.

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Everyone has different tastes – so each display is personalized

Interactive screens, ease of use, and a display that shows exactly what the driver needs – this is no longer merely a vision of the future. The digitized vehicle interior offers a whole range of personalization options that are not possible with a standard vehicle configuration.

Do you want to have the current playlist shown at a particular position on the display? No problem at all! After all, the vehicle should adapt itself to the driver, and not the other way around.

The essentials always in view An unparalleled perspective
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The essentials always in view

Digital instrument clusters from Bosch enhance the driver’s freedom of choice in the cockpit. Everything is in view and adapted to the driver’s personal preferences and the current driving situation. Whether it be the navigation map, phone contacts, or current playlist, the driver is free to choose the content they want to see on the display.

Bosch’s smart algorithms ensure the display only shows the information that is really needed in each particular driving situation. This reduces distraction and at the same time contributes to increasing road safety.

Besides the conventional flat screens, a curved variant is now also available. The curvature mimics the natural curvature of the eye, ensuring the driver also has an optimal view of the content displayed at the screen’s edges.

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An unparalleled perspective

Anyone who has ever driven in a truck knows how important the vehicle’s side mirrors are. They are a critical safety feature and are essential for ensuring the driver has a good rear view. But they also have some notable disadvantages. For example, they produce high aerodynamic drag, and they restrict the driver’s forward field of view. Neither of these issues will be of relevance in future, though, thanks to Bosch’s digital mirror-replacement system, which replaces a truck’s static conventional mirrors with two monitors in the vehicle interior and two aerodynamic cameras. Depending on the situation, the system adapts the visual content shown on the screens to provide a farsighted view on the freeway, a wide viewing angle in city traffic, and a high-contrast image when driving at night. This provides the driver with a better overall view and reduces the blind spot. But not only that: the lower aerodynamic drag results in a cut in fuel consumption of up to 2%.

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Technologies that connect

Technologies that connect

The technological basis is key to ensuring features like connected services, digital cockpits, and side-mirror cameras can be used safely and effectively. The basis for all connectivity is the electrical and electronic architecture in the vehicle, or E/E architecture for short. From the sensor to the vehicle computer and appropriate software solution, all components must be carefully matched and work smoothly with one another. This is required in order to enable data and signal transmission and to ensure communication with the cloud and the vehicle’s surroundings can take place. A secure and reliable flow of communication is the basis for the digital transformation in the automotive industry.

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Holistic security for the vehicle

Holistic security for the vehicle

Modern vehicles are hubs in the internet of things. Multi-layered protection concepts are required in order to successfully minimize the risks of manipulation and data misuse. A holistic solution for secure vehicle architecture is based on protective mechanisms that complement and interact with one another at all relevant system levels.

Each of these levels has its own specific challenges with regard to potential attacks and the impact of such attacks. This is why they also need their own protection concept. ESCRYPT’s “defense-in-depth” approach integrates several defense levels with specific products and services to form a fully integrated overall concept. Find out more

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