Electromobility for commercial vehicles

Electrifying: Bosch energizes commercial vehicles

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Electromobility for commercial vehicles

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Electromobility for commercial vehicles

Long considered unimaginable, electrification will soon be playing a decisive role in achieving CO2 targets for commercial vehicles, too. After all, battery-electric and fuel cell-electric systems harbor major potential for a wide variety of applications which benefit from economical, low-noise and resource-saving electric drives. From light vans for city delivery service and buses in public transport, through medium- and heavy-duty trucks deployed in regional distribution traffic and on long-haul routes, to tailored solutions for off-highway applications.

Bosch already offers convincing and mature powertrain solutions with purely electric drives or hybrid systems for each of these applications. This enables manufacturers to get their vehicles into the market much faster and at lower development costs. Starting with electric goods deliveries in the city, Bosch is kicking off a real technical powertrain revolution for many other applications, too. And with its fuel cell technology, Bosch is already working on the commercial vehicle powertrain of tomorrow.


level of economic viability

for city deliveries and on long-haul routes

Powertrain solutions for

all vehicle classes

from vans, through heavy-duty commercial vehicles, to mining vehicles

eCityTruck powertrain solutions are quiet and free of local emissions in urban goods distribution

With the eCityTruck concept from Bosch, manufacturers can easily and swiftly electrify the powertrains in light commercial vehicles.

eCityTruck powertrain solutions for inner-city deliveries

Inner-city deliveries are booming and are especially driven by the online trade. That’s why there is a great demand for innovative powertrain solutions which subject local residents and the environment to as little noise and as few emissions as possible. Major opportunities for urban logistics are thus represented by low-noise, locally emission-free electric drives.

With its innovative eCityTruck concept, Bosch offers economical solutions for electrifying lightweight commercial vehicles of up to 7.5 tons – ideal for transporting goods right to the doorstep. And the locally emission-free drive also permits free access to environmental zones. Read more about the eCityTruck concept

With its eRegioTruck concept, Bosch offers an economically viable and flexibly integrable solution for electrifying medium-duty commercial vehicles from 7.5 to 26 tons – deployed in regional goods distribution traffic and for city deliveries. Read more

With ranges of up to 250 km, regional goods distribution traffic is electrified economically and cost-efficiently using the eRegioTruck concept. The low-noise powertrain with zero local emissions relieves traffic congestion thanks to extended delivery times and access to environmental zones.

Powertrain solutions for heavy-duty commercial vehicles: a revolution on long-haul routes

Heavy-duty truck manufactured by the Nikola Motor Company with fuel cell system and e-powertrain from Bosch

Heavy-duty truck manufactured by the Nikola Motor Company with fuel cell system and e-powertrain from Bosch

Before goods make the final kilometers to inner-city customers, they usually need inter-city transporting across long routes of 750 km on average in heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Specially for these requirements, Bosch is working on solutions which set new standards in terms of electric range.

Together with the US start-up Nikola Motor Company, Bosch has developed a fuel cell powertrain for the electric heavy-duty Nikola Two Alpha truck which makes this vision a reality. The Nikola Two Alpha fills up with hydrogen only and generates the electric energy for its powertrain right on board. The sophisticated Bosch technology in the Nikola Two Alpha includes electrification of the truck axle with the active components of the electric motor.

Parallel to this, Bosch is also driving development of the fuel cell powertrain in Asia: in China, the world’s largest market for electromobility and commercial vehicles, Bosch has agreed a strategic partnership with the Chinese commercial vehicle engine manufacturer Weichai in an effort to promote the fuel cell for commercial vehicles in China. This consistent commitment will promote the gradual use of fuel cell powertrains in passenger cars, too, thereby facilitating entry to the mass market. Read more

“The Nikola Two is not only the next evolution step of today’s heavy-duty trucks. It’s simply revolutionary.”

Jason Roycht

Vice President and Regional Business Unit Leader of the Bosch Unit Commercial Vehicles & Off-Road in North America

Resource-saving electrification for trailer and commercial vehicle axles

Resource-saving electrification for trailer and commercial vehicle axles

Bosch has developed a smart solution for electrifying the axles of trailers and commercial vehicles. The electrified axle comprises the power electronics, an electric motor, and electronic control unit. The system recovers energy during braking and downhill driving which is then stored in the battery for use in various applications. These include, for example, cost-saving operation of refrigeration units and an additional electric boost when driving uphill.

This enables reductions in fuel consumption and helps to cut emissions. Furthermore, this smart solution also makes it possible to remotely control trailer maneuvering and parking without a tractor unit – in the future, this will even be entirely automated, without requiring a human driver. Such an application saves space in the depot and increases the availability of tractor units. The electrified trailer axle is easily integrated in new vehicles and can even be retrofitted.

Electromobility for off-highway applications: maintenance-free, compact and with fewer emissions

Electromobility for off-highway applications

Bosch is also developing new electromobility solutions for off-highway applications. After all, electric powertrains and hybrid solutions offer many interesting advantages in this sector, based on reduced emissions, their compact design and low-noise operation. Add to this the time- and cost-saving elimination of maintenance, such as oil changes. And depending on the application, there are other advantages, too.

The tailored systems offered by Bosch Engineering for sweeping machines, luggage haulers and bulldozers are based on tried-and-tested large-series components from Bosch and are perfectly aligned with one another.More information about electric powertrains for off-highway applications

Easy steering with electric support

Easy steering with electric support

Electrically supported and electronically controlled steering systems are one of the key technologies for electrifying the powertrain. The electrohydraulic power steering pump (EHPS) from Bosch meets the requirements of Automotive Safety Integrity Level ASIL B for sudden failure of steering support. As a demand-based pump, it provides the amount of oil and pressure that is needed at any time to reliably operate the hydraulic steering systems of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It consists of two electric motors, each with power electronics and a vane pump which is driven by the motors. Thanks to its power-on-demand principle, the EHPS requires up to 70 percent less energy than conventional power steering pumps.

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