The connectivity control unit (CCU) is the heart of connectivity in a vehicle. The telematics unit is connected to various systems in the vehicle, such as the electronic control unit (ECU) and infotainment system, and transmits their data to the outside world. For example: if a car suddenly enters a region in which road conditions are so poor that the ESP has to provide stability, the connectivity control unit will transmit the ESP’s measurement data to the cloud. All the vehicles in the vicinity of his car can receive this data with their respective connectivity control unit and use it to alert the driver. The eCall function, which will become obligatory in the European Union from March 31, 2018, is also implemented using the CCU. The Bosch CCU furthermore controls the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication that is absolutely essential for automated driving.

flexible functionality

compliant with the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer

ready to meet future requirements

due to the potential for integration of new wireless communication standards


thanks to the potential for integration of sensor systems and data security modules