Car drivers will be familiar with this everyday hazard: traffic is building up directly behind a bend. The accident risk increases tremendously because drivers further behind cannot see the traffic jam. Connected vehicles, however, can warn everyone in the vicinity about such a hazard – even a hazard that the drivers themselves cannot see. Connecting the car to the outside world will make it possible to achieve an unprecedented level of road safety. In 2025, connectivity could prevent around 200,000 accidents a year involving personal injury in the USA alone (source: Bosch Connected Car Effect Study 2016). But that is not all – if the car is a part of the internet of things, many additional convenient functions will be made possible too. Bosch is developing the technology needed for connectivity, the services based on it and completely new operating concepts and interior designs.

fewer accidents

thanks to the broadcast of hazard warnings

new services

based on the vehicle as a part of the internet of things