The HMI is a reliable companion in every driving situation. Haptic control permits intuitive operation and increased safety when driving. Many important functions can be controlled through the intelligent voice control system. It responds to natural speech and also understands dialects. Bosch’s human machine interface warns about obstacles along the route and detects if the driver may be dozing off. Digital displays depict information according to priority; the most important information is shifted into the driver’s field of view in real time. The HMI finds the next vacant parking space and ensures a high level of driving comfort thanks to numerous configuration options. The development process accommodated many current trends from the consumer electronics world so that they are adapted perfectly to the driver’s requirements.



thanks to timely warning about obstacles along the route

fast reaction

thanks to a voice control system that responds to natural speech



thanks to options that are configured individually for every situation

microsleep adieu

thanks to a camera sensor that detects tired eyes