An increasing demand for comfort and safety drives the global technological shift from manual to automatic transmissions. Automatic transmissions are more comfortable, safer as well as more resource-friendly and economical and offer a better driving experience at the same time. With an automatic transmission, the driver no longer has to operate the clutch, which is very comfortable, especially in urban stop-and-go traffic. Functions such as the automated parking assistant further simplify everyday life and are an early stage of fully automated driving.
Bosch offers an extensive portfolio of key components and system know-how for semi- and fully-automatic transmissions of all kinds. The portfolio consists of key components such as control units, actuators, pushbelts and sensors as well as complete systems for transmission automation.

less fuel

and reduced CO2 emission compared to a manual transmission

more safety

due to automatic transmission functions such as automatic protection against stalling when starting off uphill

more dynamic

due to the particularly fast automatic transmission gearshift operations

more comfort

thanks to automatic shifting saving the driver the trouble of applying the clutch in stop-and-go traffic