Connected safety services

On the road to realizing Vision Zero thanks to road hazard services

For Bosch, safety comes first: With the goal of accident-free mobility in mind, Bosch is working every day to increase road safety. Seamless connections between users, vehicles and services via the internet all make a contribution to achieving this, creating new opportunities for developing and improving vehicles and mobility offers, thus making mobility more efficient, safer and more convenient.

Assistance systems help make driving safer by recognizing and responding to the vehicle surroundings perceived by sensors. One crucial factor when it comes to getting from A to B safely is the road conditions. Wet, icy or damaged roads can be challenging for drivers and require safe, appropriate driving. On average, nearly 5,000 people are killed and over 418,000 people are injured in weather-related crashes in the USA each year.* But automated systems alone cannot always prevent weather-related accidents due to their technical limitations.

*Source: Ten-year averages from 2007 to 2016 analyzed by Booz Allen Hamilton, based on NHTSA data

So, Bosch is going one step further. By connecting vehicles, the vehicle itself will increasingly become a road condition sensor for itself and other road users in the future. Vehicle fleets collect data such as friction coefficient, road wetness, ambient temperature, precipitation, visibility conditions, etc. These are aggregated in the Bosch cloud, enriched with weather and infrastructure data, and sent to all cloud-connected vehicles. This extensive information serves as a reliable basis for smart driver assistance systems that not only improve the driving experience, but also significantly increase driver safety, comfort, and convenience.


natural driving behavior

in difficult weather conditions

predictive warning

enabling drivers to preventively adapt their driving style


comfort and safety

for the driver

for all levels

of assisted and automated driving

Intelligent driver assistance services

Intelligent driver assistance services help increase safety, comfort, and convenience while driving. These are connected, cloud-based functions that can plan the safest route in relation to current road hazards based on real-time aggregated weather and vehicle data, and adapt it as road conditions may change while driving. The services make it possible to proactively warn the driver of potential dangers via an acoustic and visual signal. This early warning supports drivers to adapt their speed and safety distance in good time – for a better and safer driving experience and anticipatory driving behavior. One example of such a service is the cloud-based wrong-way driver warning from Bosch.

These kinds of intelligent, connected services are also important when it comes to automated driving. As for the optimal driving strategy, the vehicle must be able to anticipate the route as best as possible to get from A to B safely. Therefore, Bosch is working on cloud-based solutions such as predictive road condition services or the road signature.

Cloud-based wrong-way driver warning

The function relies on regular, anonymized reporting of each vehicle’s position to the cloud – a central computer center in which data are stored and analyzed over the internet.

Traffic reports about wrong-way drivers are an all-too-familiar occurrence. Some 2,000 such warnings are broadcast on German radio alone each year. All too often, these incidents lead to critical situations – including serious accidents. Bosch has developed a cloud-based wrong-way driver warning that alerts drivers much faster – easily via smartphone app or the display in the vehicle's cockpit.

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Predictive road condition services

These innovative services provide the system with real-time information about the environmental conditions and associated potential hazards such as aquaplaning, ice or snow long before a critical situation occurs.

What condition is the road in, how well are the tires gripping? Having or developing a feeling for this can help drivers handle their cars appropriately and safely. In future automated vehicles, this decision will also be based on the predictive road-condition services provided by Bosch. Thanks to their help, the automated vehicle will know in good time what environmental conditions to expect. This means it will have plenty of time to adapt its driving style, instead of having to hand over the driving task to the driver at the first sign of impaired road conditions, however minor.

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