Electromobility is an innovation that companies can no longer ignore. An increasing number of employees, suppliers, and customers drive electric vehicles. Investing in charging stations on company premises boosts a company’s image and retention of staff. But what should you do about employees who use electric vehicles for business trips? Or your company’s fleet? How can you be certain that each group of users can charge their vehicles and that billing will be handled properly? Where can you charge your vehicle while on business out of town – or even out of the country?

Our charging solution answers all these questions by addressing charging options at home, work, and on the road. An app and an RFID card allow you to find and use all types of charging stations. Charges are billed securely using pricing and billing models tailored to user groups and locations such as “at home” or “business trip.”

The Bosch EV charging network consists of more than 200,000 charge points throughout Europe. In combination with charging options at home and at work, you can make seamless charging a reality for your employees, customers, and suppliers – an experience unified by your corporate design.

An app and an RFID card allow you to charge your electric vehicle

at home,

work, or publicly accessible charging stations. Business trips are no problem thanks to more than 200,000 charge points throughout Europe.

Our hotline is available


whenever you have questions about charging electric vehicles or if any technical issues arise.

Electromobility is an


that can truly boost your image. Offering charging options makes you more attractive as an employer, and apps and charging cards in your corporate design make such advertising even more effective.

Our expansive


of partners can supply, operate, and maintain charging stations suited to your needs: from wall-mounted and free-standing charge spots to standard-speed and high-speed charging stations.