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Connected mobility

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Automated mobility

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Powertrain and electrified mobility

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The internet of things is getting personal
Bosch at CES, January 5-8, 2017

In Las Vegas, Bosch is demonstrating how smart connectivity solutions are turning things into personal partners, companions, and assistants in mobility.

Guardian angels from the data heaven
Cloud-based wrong-way driver warning

Innovative solution for more safety: Thanks to cloud connectivity, wrong-way drivers as well as all other road users in the danger area can be warned faster than ever before.

All-around vision means easier parking and maneuvering
The Bosch multi-camera system

Bosch provides a complete view of what is in front, behind, or to the side of the vehicle. With this, car drivers can safely and conveniently park and maneuver.

H2O replaces CO2
Water injection for gasoline engines

Bosch's WaterBoost system taps into as yet unimagined efficiency potential in combustion engines. This not only makes mobility fuel-efficient and lowers emissions, but it also enhances the fun to drive.

A new parking experience
with connected and automated parking solutions

Clever solutions support drivers in parking and finding parking spaces more easily, thus raising the bar for convenience, safety, and efficiency.

Bosch gets the DTM on track
Innovation and experience for motor racing

Since the start of the new racing series, Bosch has served as a reliable partner to the DTM.

Getting ahead with electric
Innovation cuts energy requirements

Highly efficient Bosch solutions for air conditioning in e-vehicles increase range and satisfy all comfort needs.


Pagani Huayra BC

Customized development for a unique project:
Driving safety systems for Pagani from Bosch Engineering

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Mobile. Connected. For everyone.
Bosch mobility apps for smartphones

Just one touch of your finger and a whole world of connected mobility opens up to you: Bosch apps deliver automotive technology and driving pleasure.

Innovation, expertise, and partnership
Bosch at InnoTrans 2016

Bosch employs expert knowledge and innovative technology from its automotive and industry portfolio for new rail applications.

The active gas pedal
Intuitive interface between driver and vehicle

To make it easy for drivers to use connected data, Bosch develops innovative operating concepts such as the active accelerator pedal. It gives drivers a signal precisely where they can respond intuitively – at their feet.

The Bosch proving grounds
The best location for your testing needs

With Bosch proving grounds spanning the globe, we offer the optimal resources and personal support for professional test drives and driving events, at any time of the year.


Automated Driving

Automation is on its way: with safety, and convenience.

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Connected parking
Straight to available parking

Active parking lot management connects the parking infrastructure and guides drivers directly to a parking space.

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Bosch gives the car senses
Heading towards autopilots

With innovative sensor technology and clever connectivity, Bosch is facilitating highly and fully automatic driving, step by step.

Pooling expertise
for innovative two-wheeler systems

Our new division delivers powertrain, safety, and connectivity solutions from a single source, paired with a passion for two-wheelers.

In the future, construction vehicles will be intelligent
Bosch at bauma, April 11-17, 2016

Bosch is opening up new possibilities for construction machinery and commercial vehicles thanks to automation and connectivity features.

Affordable electrification
Start with the Bosch BRS hybrid

Bosch’s boost recuperation system (BRS) puts the strengths of hybrid technology into large-scale series production.

Electric power steering
for highly automated functions

The electromechanical steering system Servolectric® drives automotive megatrends: connected, automated and electrified.

Personal parking function
Automatic parking via app

With Bosch’s automatic park assist, the car drives itself into parking spaces and out again – completely controlled by smartphone.

Charging made simple and smart
Smartphone app by Bosch

The Charge&Pay for Mercedes-Benz app is a convenient way to manage charge spot usage, making it transparent and flexible.