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The electric drive is increasingly becoming a key component of individual mobility. Particularly in cities, hybrid and electric cars can display their strengths, which include fewer local emissions and a low-noise, fascinatingly dynamic driving force. These characteristics make vehicles with an electric powertrain more environmentally friendly and convenient – with built-in driving enjoyment.

With powertrain technology from Bosch, electromobility not only becomes the means of choice in individual traffic but it is also increasingly more attractive for the mass market and more economically viable for manufacturers. The purely electric range of vehicles is increasing while emissions continue to go down. This is made possible by innovative powertrain technology from Bosch such as the eAxle and smart thermal management in the vehicle.

The electric car portfolio offered by Bosch also includes some very compact solutions for light electric vehicles on four wheels. The StreetScooters of Germany’s Deutsche Post or the e.GO Life electric car are already on the road with electric powertrain components from Bosch.


noise and local emissions


driving enjoyment

with a fascinatingly dynamic driving force

Shaping the future of mobility

Today, more than half a million electric and hybrid cars equipped with technology from Bosch are already on the road all over the world and several thousand Bosch employees are involved in the area of electromobility. In the video, Martin Avecedo explains why electric drives represent the future of mobility and the role his personal enthusiasm plays in his job.

Electromobility for passenger cars: fascinatingly dynamic, yet highly efficient

To enable electromobility to reveal its enormous potential for everyday mobility which saves resources and offers maximum driving fun at the same time, Bosch is intensively pushing the development of all relevant technologies. Over and beyond the highly efficient and compact components for e-powertrains themselves, Bosch is also optimizing energy flows within the vehicle as a whole.

This includes the recuperation of released energy using regenerative braking systems but also highly effective air-conditioning of the vehicle. As the waste heat from the combustion engine is no longer available, for example, new solutions are applied which offer full air-conditioning comfort even in electric vehicles.

High-voltage hybrid systems

With its high-voltage hybrid systems, Bosch combines the advantages of efficient combustion engines and resource-conserving electric powertrain systems. For inner-city driving, the range of the electric powertrain components is sufficient, while the combustion engine is ready to spring into action as needed when driving longer distances. The Bosch portfolio also includes parallel and axle-split hybrid systems.

Electric drive

Electric vehicles are powered solely by the electric axle drive (eAxle). This permits driving entirely without fuel or local emissions. Batteries equipped with high energy cells which can also be charged externally supply the electric motor with electricity for driving the vehicle. Moreover, the regenerative braking system also converts the braking energy into electric energy for the drive.


The eAxle is a compact, cost-attractive electric drive solution for electric and hybrid vehicles. The electric motor, power electronics and transmission are combined in a compact unit directly powering the vehicle's axle. This aids in making electric drives less complex but simpler. Additionally, the powertrain becomes cheaper, more compact and more efficient.

Thermal management

In electric vehicles, thermal management can further extend the vehicle's range. Bosch is dedicated to optimizing the energy management in the entire vehicle and developing solutions for highly efficient air conditioning to meet all comfort demands.

Battery technology

Bosch has developed the high-efficient 48-Volt battery as a standardized solution for hybrids. Thus, it can be easily integrated in new vehicle models. Attractive battery-management systems complement the broad know-how in battery technology.

Regenerative braking systems

Regenerative braking systems recover energy during braking which is then fed back into the vehicle’s high-voltage battery pack. This recovered energy helps to reduce the consumption and emissions of hybrid vehicles while at the same time increasing the range of electric vehicles. This effect is particularly apparent during frequent braking and accelerating in city traffic. Bosch offers regenerative braking systems which are tailored individually to various powertrain concepts.

More about regenerative braking systems

On the e-road: increasing range and reducing costs

This is how the Bosch eAxle works

The eAxle from Bosch gives manufacturers easy access to electromobility: with the electric axle drive, efficiency, low development costs and short times-to-market become reality. The eAxle unites the electric motor, power electronics and transmission in one, representing an all-in-one principle for manufacturers. This gives rise to synergies which reduce costs, save time and therefore improve efficiency. For example, the motor and inverter share the same cooling circuit, dispensing with expensive copper cables between the components. And its scalability means that the eAxle is also versatile in terms of use for various vehicles. This makes it a perfect start-up drive for electric cars – and for established manufacturers.

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“The e-axle is the ‘start-up’ powertrain for electric cars – also at established automakers. It allows them to save valuable development time and to get their electric vehicles to market considerably faster.”

Dr. Rolf Bulander

Dr. Rolf Bulander

Member of the Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH, Chairman of the Business Sector Mobility Solutions

Thermal management for more range and comfort

Intelligent thermal management for e-vehicles

Intelligent cold and heat management with Bosch technology extends the range of electric vehicles, thus increasing their overall attractiveness and suitability for everyday use. Smart thermal management also ensures less consumption and lower emissions in hybrid cars by optimizing the heat balance. This also means that the driver and passengers do not have to make any compromises when it comes to comfort: sufficient heat and cold are always available for energy-efficient heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

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Your smartphone shows the best place to charge: find free charge spots with Bosch

Charging Apps for free charge spots

Bosch is driving electromobility forward beyond vehicles themselves and is connecting the charging infrastructure. Drivers wanting to charge their electric cars often have to register with many different charge spot operators. The charging app from Bosch puts an end to this annoyance. The approach: More than 40,000 charge spots, 8 countries, and one app. The app gives customers access to bundled services and a convenient payment method for the charging process. With this solution, Bosch makes the charging infrastructure for e-mobility even more user-friendly. Integrating the application into the vehicle display is yet another step toward achieving holistic connectivity for mobility solutions.

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