Electromobility is capturing the mass market and is providing users with an especially fascinating driving experience alongside highly convenient, personalized mobility thanks to smart solutions. And that also applies to the necessary charging stops too. With convenience charging, Bosch provides a package of smart services that cover the entire user experience related to battery charging.

Connected charging solutions from Bosch support drivers of electric vehicles throughout their journey with convenient features like route planning that provides personalized recommendations for charging points and relevant locations (points of interest), continuously updated and accurate range prediction, easy payment options for use of public charging stations, and cost-optimized charging at home.


Route planning and charging point selection are adapted to the driver’s preferences.

Europe wide

Users only need to register once to gain access to a growing Bosch charging network that currently comprises more than 260,000 charging points in numerous European countries.

resource saving

Home charging can make use of low-cost rates or solar power generated at home.


Real-time data enables accurate range prediction at all times.