Bosch has developed motorcycle stability control (MSC) system that supports the rider, during both braking and accelerating, and while either riding straight or cornering. The system provides assistance by continuously monitoring a comprehensive set of key vehicle data – including torque, lean angle, and acceleration – to detect critical situations and intervene if necessary. This results in a significant improvement in both riding stability and braking performance.
The new generation 10 of motorcycle stability control system (MSC enhanced) is available as semi- or full integral system. The box volume was reduced by 35%, the weight by 20% compared to the previous generation 9. This reduces the installation effort for the motorcycle manufacturer and enables the installation even on smaller motorcycles. The MSC system utilizes state of the art passenger car technologies and was designed to accommodate future functionalities for motorcycles such as advanced rider assistance systems.



of powered two-wheelers accidents with injuries in Germany could be avoided by MSC.

Bosch accident research study Germany (using GIDAS 2001-2009)



in all riding situations



even on difficult road surfaces