Electric mobility is on the fast track, not only on the road. Bosch proves that custom-made electric motors or hybrid solutions can also be successful in off-highway applications The custom made drive systems from Bosch are based on components which are produced in large-scale at Bosch. They are perfectly compatible with each other and optimized with regard to high power density.

The compact design of the electrical system is one of its strengths. It´s possible to install it easily into mechanical and hydraulic systems. But what’s more: the system is also convincing at high performance in off-highway applications. At voltage levels up to 400 volts, the drive has a continuous power of 60 kW under typical cooling conditions. During acceleration or boost phases, it can even reach a maximum power of up to 105 kW with a maximum torque of 615 Nm.

less emissions

The electric drive solutions reduce emissions significantly.

series quality

The electric drive system is based on large-scale production components from the automobile industry


The space-saving design can be easily integrated into existing systems.


time and cost savings through the elimination of maintenance requirements