The Charge My EV smartphone app developed by Bosch is a great example of how users of electric vehicles can be provided with convenient and flexible charging solutions. It gives users access to the Bosch charging network and its more than 380,000 public charging points throughout Europe.

Vehicle manufacturers, mobility providers, and businesses have the option of having the app adapted to suit their specific requirements and to offer it to their customers and employees as their own convenient service solution. The app branding, functionality, and price models are customizable.

Drivers of electric vehicles can download the app free of charge and can use it without being tied to a contract or having to pay a base fee. All that is needed is a one-time registration and an electronic payment method. The users’ smartphone subsequently provides them with a convenient way of finding charging stations and checking the availability of the charging points. Charging sessions can be started and paid for via the app, RFID, or locally available methods – all very easily and with a high level of transparency.



for vehicle manufacturers, mobility providers, and businesses

more than


publicly accessible charging points in 30 European countries