The allure of two-wheelers and powersports vehicles

Zero accidents, zero stress, zero emissions: This is Bosch’s vision for the future of mobility, including two-wheelers and powersports vehicles used by many throughout the world on a daily basis. With single components and comprehensive system solutions, Bosch covers the entire segment and ensures utmost driving excitement, safety, and efficiency.

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Connectivity systems

Bosch delivers the future – in all product segments

Dynamic, safe, connected, and customizable: These are the key requirements when it comes to the best driving experience with two-wheelers and powersports vehicles. With innovative technology and smart software, Bosch offers all-in-one connectivity solutions, rider assistance, powertrain, and personalized mobility from a single source.

Connectivity systems

Smart connectivity for greater safety: Bosch enhances two-wheelers and powersports vehicles with the power of connectivity – both inside and outside the vehicle. Smart connectivity simplifies riding, increases safety, and enhances the level of comfort and convenience for the rider.

Rider assistance systems

Safety first. Studies show that motorcycle riders are involved in accidents for two main reasons: They lose control over their motorcycle or they are involved in collisions with other vehicles (source: Bosch accident research). We want Bosch technologies to help prevent such critical situations from occurring on the road in the first place.

Powertrain systems and electrification

Lower emissions and more fun on the road: From individual components to entire systems, Bosch offers the full range of engine management technology specifically developed for two-wheelers and powersports vehicles. More efficient than conventional carburetor systems, this technology guarantees powerful performance, lower emissions, and more fun on the road.

Personalized mobility

The personalization of mobility: Tomorrow’s mobility is highly focused on the individual, taking into account their personal preferences and needs. This applies not only to the choice of transportation but also to the route being taken, the entertainment options, and many other aspects – every detail can be personalized. We will no longer travel according to predefined patterns but choose the means and direction ourselves.

Comprehensive portfolio from one source

Powertrain systems and electrification

Powertrain systems and electrification

For lower emissions and dynamic riding

Powertrain with combustion engine

Electric powertrain

Connectivity systems, services and instruments

E-bikes with Bosch drives

E-bikes with Bosch drives

The e-bike provides us with efficient mobility and is one of the most sustainable and healthiest means of transport of our time. Bosch eBike systems delivers innovative e-bike drive systems that offer the best performance and quality – whether for an e-mountain bike, an e-trekking bike, an e-city bike or an e-cargo bike.

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E-kick scooters

In recent times, e-kick scooters have been experiencing an ever greater demand thanks to the rise in inner-city sharing services. E-kick scooters are also increasing in popularity as a space-saving and eco-friendly alternative in the private sector. For this vehicle segment, Bosch offers an in-hub drive unit with a compact design that can be easily installed on any e-kick scooter frame.

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