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The transportation industry is about to encounter great opportunities in the coming years – but will also face a number of challenges. With its innovative technologies for commercial vehicles in all segments, Bosch provides solutions in all key areas of the industry. Goods and passenger transportation of the future will be connected, automated, electrified, and personalized.

Product highlights

Customers and partners benefit from the special combination of strengths and competencies that makes Bosch the partner of choice for commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators.

Close cooperation from development to replacement parts supply

Reliable partnership Bosch is the go-to partner for hardware, software, and system solutions right from the very early stages of the development process. The company’s global logistics and large-volume production ensure fast, reliable supplies. And once the technology is used in the field, Bosch has got its customers and users covered with replacement parts available throughout the world and a range of dedicated services.

Proven technology for efficient, innovative concepts

Quality and reliability Bosch’s technology has proven itself millions of times over and plays a decisive role in bringing advanced, high-quality vehicles to market. Bosch’s extensive experience in engineering and production is also a key factor when developing new solutions, ensuring that highly innovative, novel technologies likewise meet the highest of standards.

Technology leadership and continuous development

Innovation strength and speed Bosch actively drives development in all areas of strategic opportunity in the passenger and goods transportation sectors. With its extraordinary innovation strength, Bosch achieves an exceptionally fast time to market even for new, highly innovative solutions.

Systems and connectivity expertise

Systems and connectivity expertise When it comes to logistics of the future, Bosch is able to contribute twofold technical expertise: its broad knowledge of the various components and domains relevant to the commercial vehicle segment coupled with its profound expertise in IoT. As a system provider, Bosch has a deep understanding of the requirements of individual components and knows how to combine them optimally to produce a complete system solution.

Key technologies for commercial vehicles from a single source

Comprehensive portfolio and expertise with regard to vehicles, infrastructure, and services With its comprehensive expertise in vehicle technology, connectivity, data processing, and services as well as its broad scope of experience in various industrial sectors, Bosch turns individual technologies and services into all-in-one solutions for the commercial vehicle market. What is more, the synergies arising from its portfolio and specialist knowledge facilitate rapid market penetration.

Short paths combined with solutions tailored to the market

Global presence Bosch maintains a presence close to its customers all over the world and is active in around 150 countries. This translates into short paths, close and flexible cooperation, and effectively used global supply chains. Thanks to its local presence in the individual countries spanning many years, Bosch is familiar with the specific requirements, preferences, and trends in each market.

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