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Bosch is bringing connected services to commercial vehicles, ensuring greater efficiency and safety as well as reduced workload in road logistics and off-highway applications. Bosch's seamless approach facilitates data communication and management and enables cloud-based services throughout the life cycle of the connected commercial vehicle.

Using connectivity solutions from Bosch, fleet managers and operators can keep track of their fleet in real time and manage each vehicle individually, including determining the vehicle’s current position, reserving parking spaces, and managing maintenance and the digital vehicle key. During their often demanding everyday working lives, drivers will benefit from greater safety, flexibility, comfort, and convenience thanks to, for instance, real-time information and the over-the-air delivery of vehicle software updates.

Secure truck parking:
Connected solution for finding and reserving parking spaces

Secure truck parking

Parking planning thanks to real-time information directly in the cab

Too few parking spaces, a lot of time and fuel wasted searching for a space, accidents due to overtiredness, and nighttime theft – this all amounts to a real challenge for truck drivers in large parts of Europe when searching for a good parking spot to spend the night. With secure truck parking, Bosch is making truckers’ everyday working lives easier and safer.

The smart service solution establishes a live connection between fleet managers and drivers and the parking infrastructure. They can receive real-time information about available parking spots in guarded parking areas and can have a spot reserved for them until they arrive. This makes it easier to plan routes and rest periods, and it reduces the driver’s workload noticeably.

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Perfectly keyless:
Digital vehicle key offers greater flexibility and security

Perfectly keyless

A smartphone takes the place of the vehicle key.

The keyless entry system will in future allow fleet operators to manage their vehicle keys digitally. Owners and fleet managers will enjoy the flexibility of being able to make their vehicles available to any specific driver at any time and place via a smartphone app.

When the driver approaches the vehicle with their smartphone, the Perfectly keyless function automatically unlocks the door. Once inside the vehicle, when the driver presses the start button, the vehicle looks for the digital key and starts the engine as soon as it has found it. And when the driver moves away from the vehicle, the system ensures the door is securely locked again.

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Vehicle management platform:
Connectivity solution for cloud-based services

Vehicle Management Platform

A consistent connectivity solution for the entire vehicle life cycle

Bosch keeps commercial vehicles connected throughout their life cycle, from initial development right up to when the vehicle is on the road. The vehicle management platform is the technical basis for cloud-based services like predictive diagnostics, remote measurement, and firmware updates over the air (FOTA).

The platform comprises two primary components. Firstly, the basic software module, which is the secure communication interface between the vehicle, cloud, and services. Secondly, there is the data management module, which enables commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet managers to organize, analyze, and display vehicle data and make it available for use.

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