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Automated mobility - Bosch is teaching the vehicle how to drive

From climate change and greater road safety to the lack of time and space, the challenges of mobility will not solve themselves. However, self-driving vehicles can be an important part of the solution. Automation is one of the main drivers of a new, safe era of mobility. With its innovative driver assistance systems, Bosch is therefore gradually paving the way to automated driving and parking. Many of the technologies that will shape the automated driving of the future are ready for you to experience today. They have been tested and are ready for series production.

Interview with Dr. Stephan Hönle - Automated Driving Systems Robert Bosch GmbH

Future-ready and volume-produced

In addition to the technical requirements, the development and acceptance of automated mobility depend above all on one thing: your trust. Bosch is working hard on both factors. That is because in order for autonomous driving to work, your vehicle needs to not just match your own abilities, but far exceed them. We categorize these areas of ability using the terms Sense, Think, and Act, which are similar to a human being.
Bosch is driving automated mobility in all disciplines, for nearly all vehicle

segments, and in almost all fields of technology, with a high degree of responsibility and many years of experience. As a result, many technologies are ready for highly automated driving today. And that is not just in theory: they have been developed and tested under real conditions and are now ready for series production. This gives users reliability in terms of the driving itself, new Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) regulations, or availability and planning.

The five levels of automated driving (SAE International)


"The core challenge is to put a safe and reliable automated driving system on the road"

Dr. Stephan Hönle

Dr. Stephan Hönle

Automated Driving Systems Robert Bosch GmbH

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Say goodbye to searching a parking space

Automated valet parking at Stuttgart Airport

Working at Bosch - Join the team

Development engineer Yodit Tessema

Giving automated vehicles a panoramic view

The automated vehicle knows what’s happening around it: A number of sensors constantly scan all of its surroundings. Yodit Tessema works on the software of that technology.

Engineering manager Moritz Dechant

Working in Silicon Valley

Moritz Dechant, engineering manager and former participant in the Junior Managers Program, speaks about his work in the most well-known high-tech location in the world, Silicon Valley.

Autonomous driving

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