Powertrain systems and electrified mobility

Powertrain systems and electrified mobility - Bosch is energizing the powertrain

More and more people are demanding individual mobility to reach destinations that are ever farther away as easily, quickly, affordably, and sustainably as possible. At the same time, freight traffic is following the same upward trend. But how is it possible to reconcile this increase in traffic with future emissions targets? For Bosch, one possible answer to this question is a mixture of various energy-efficient powertrain solutions. That is why we are continuing to promote optimized internal-combustion engines alongside electric drive systems and also why we are committed to using renewable synthetic fuels: for safe, sustainable, and inspiring mobility.

Uwe Gackstatter, president of the Powertrain Solutions division

A lot will be asked of future mobility solutions. They ought to be carbon-neutral, remain affordable, and cater to the needs of all kinds of customers all over the world. All types of powertrain systems need to be deployed to fulfill these objectives; after all, mobility requirements differ between countries and application scenarios.

Uwe Gackstatter, president of the Powertrain Solutions division, explains in a video interview exactly how valuable technology neutrality is for the future of mobility, which approaches Bosch is adopting, and how the company can succeed in combining carbon neutrality with more demanding mobility requirements in the future.

The rising demand for mobility is a growing challenge


The powertrain mix: diverse technologies for diverse requirements

From greenhouse gas to raw material: renewable synthetic fuels

renewable synthetic fuels

Synthetic fuels bind CO₂ during their production. The greenhouse gas therefore becomes a raw material and can then be used to produce gasoline, diesel, or natural gas.

Synthetic fuels generated from renewable energy sources ensure carbon-neutral combustion. This is not only true for new vehicles, but also for the 1.3 billion or so vehicles that already exist. Read more

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Why Bosch is a strong partner for powertrain systems

When it comes to powertrain systems, Bosch customers and partners benefit not only from outstanding technologies like fuel-injection systems and ECUs, but also from the unique combination of Bosch’s special strengths and competencies. These include a comprehensive product portfolio and extensive expertise in all types of powertrain solutions and other systems. This makes Bosch the preferred partner for powertrain systems and electrified mobility.

Close cooperation, from development to replacement parts

A reliable partnership  The company’s broad service portfolio and commitment throughout the product life cycle make Bosch a formidable partner for powertrain systems and electrified mobility. Bosch is the go-to partner for hardware, software, and system solutions right from the early stages of the development process. The company’s global logistics and large-scale production ensure fast, reliable supplies. And once the technology is used in the field, Bosch provides support with replacement parts available all over the world and a range of dedicated services.

Increased value and lower costs with Bosch powertrain technology

Quality and reliability  Bosch technology has proven itself millions of times over in powertrain systems, and play a decisive role in bringing advanced, high-quality vehicles to market. The outstanding quality increases the vehicle’s value and reduces running costs. Bosch’s extensive experience in engineering and production is also a key factor when developing new solutions for electromobility, ensuring that highly innovative, novel technologies likewise meet the highest of standards.

Continuous improvement of all drive and powertrain systems

Innovative strength and speed  Bosch strives to achieve innovative developments for all drive and powertrain systems, investing around 9% of its sales revenue into research and development in 2018. Bosch continues to improve system technology for internal-combustion engines while advancing electromobility at the same time. With its extraordinary innovation strength, Bosch achieves an exceptionally fast time to market even for new, highly innovative solutions. Large unit quantities bring prices down.

Maximum system benefits with connected complete solutions

Systems and connectivity expertise  Bosch offers all-in-one solutions for powertrain systems and electrified mobility. As a system provider, Bosch has a deep understanding of the requirements of individual components and knows how to combine them optimally to produce a complete system solution. Optimal interconnections between components and subsystems result in significant energy efficiency benefits. Bosch system solutions not only interconnect components within the vehicle but also connects vehicles to business ecosystems.

Synergies in the development and production of powertrains and electrified mobility

Comprehensive portfolio and expertise for vehicles, infrastructure, and services  Bosch assists in the development of powertrain systems and electrified mobility with hardware, software, connectivity solutions, and services. The holistic approach, combination of various technologies, and optimal system integration deliver the greatest possible utility value. What is more, the synergies arising from its portfolio and specialist knowledge facilitate rapid market penetration.

Local powertrain solutions and short distances to all customers

Global presence  Bosch maintains a presence close to its customers around the world and is active in around 150 countries. This means short distances and cooperation that is both close and flexible. Furthermore, Bosch’s global presence enables the use of supply chains worldwide. After many years of acting on a local level, Bosch understands the specific requirements and trends of individual markets, which enables their specific needs to be addressed. Innovative powertrain solutions for major cities are just one example of this.

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