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Worldwide demand for powered two-wheelers is on the rise. Motorcycles and scooters are chosen for fun riding experience and their affordable mobility. Bosch brings together passionate two-wheeler and powersports experts from the areas of connectivity system, assistance systems, powertrain and electrification.

We offer components as well as comprehensive system solutions that service the entire two-wheeler and powersports spectrum - from scooters to small two-wheelers, high-performance bikes to powersports vehicles such as quads, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. Bosch’s customers benefit from our strengths, competencies and expertise earned in four-wheeler segment, and our global presence.

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Bosch rises to the challenge

Connectivity systems


Bosch brings connectivity to two-wheelers and powersports vehicles – internally and externally. Intelligently connected on-board systems make life easier for the rider while increasing safety. Furthermore, the ability to communicate with other vehicles and the wider infrastructure offers riders new possibilities. One such innovative system is Bosch’s connectivity control unit which uses sensor and cloud data to increase dynamics while also enhancing safety, convenience and riding pleasure.

Connected mobility also means processing large volumes of data and presenting the results to riders in a clear way. Bosch’s integrated connectivity cluster is an innovative information display designed especially for two-wheelers and powersports. The system uses built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to provide access to additional features such as the mySPIN smartphone integration solution as well as access to and storage of a wealth of vehicle data.

Connected services and systems

Bosch increases riding safety by realizing connectivity systems such as bike-to-vehicle communication. The connectivity systems allows communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and other traffic participants.

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Infotainment and instruments


Bosch’s infotainment and instrument solution enables riders to remain fully informed at all times in a rider-friendly way. The integrated connectivity cluster with the mySPIN smartphone integration solution offers riders a smart way to use the smartphone while riding.

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mySPIN – smartphone integration solution


How can you use a smartphone while riding, without diverting attention from the traffic situation The mySPIN smartphone integration solution has the answer and provides intuitive and safe access to apps and smartphone content even while riding.

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Assistance systems


Studies show that motorcycle accidents have two main causes: riders losing control, and collisions with other vehicles (source: Bosch accident research). In the future and with the help of Bosch technology, these dangerous traffic situations will not even occur in the first place. Another reason to equip vehicles with more intelligent safety technology is that nine out of ten accidents are due to human error.

As the world’s leading supplier of motorcycle safety technology, Bosch has already made riding on two wheels considerably safer with assistance systems such as ABS and MSC motorcycle stability control. Now the company is going one step further. According to Bosch accident research estimates, radar-based assistance systems could prevent one in seven motorcycle accidents. These electronic assistants are always vigilant and, in emergencies, they respond faster than people can.

Motorcycle ABS


Motorcycle ABS supports the rider while braking, even in the case of hard braking or on slippery roads. It prevents wheel lockup, ensures vehicle stability and optimal deceleration while braking. It also contributes to reducing the risk of falling and shortening the stopping distance.

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Motorcycle stability control (MSC)


MSC system supports the rider, during both braking and accelerating, and while either riding straight or cornering. The system provides assistance by continuously monitoring a comprehensive set of key vehicle data to detect critical situations and intervene if necessary. This results in a significant improvement in both riding stability and braking performance.

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Semi-active damping control system


As the system’s core component, the semi-active damping control unit adjusts actuators in the dampers to reduce vibration and improve riding safety and comfort.

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Powertrain systems and electrification


Bosch brings energy to the powertrain and offers comprehensive system expertise for vehicles ranging from small two-wheelers and high-performance bikes to powersports vehicles. The combination of engine management systems and sophisticated sensor systems is significantly more efficient than conventional carburetor systems. Bosch offers the full range of engine management system technology with components customized specially for two-wheelers and powersports. This includes components for fuel injection and supply, air management, ignition, and exhaust-gas treatment as well as electronic control units. Vision becomes reality: urban roads are set to see more and more electric vehicles.

As a driver of innovation at all levels of electromobility, Bosch is developing electric powertrain systems and connecting vehicles with the infrastructure and exciting services. Bosch’s activities are making electromobility attractive for the mass market. Thanks to their scalability, the powertrain systems are easy to integrate and can be used flexibly in many vehicle classes, reducing development times while helping to ready new vehicles for the market faster. Manufacturers – especially startups – can realize their concepts within the shortest time possible.

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Engine management

Engine management systems from Bosch enable precise, central control of all functions of relevance for engine operation – leading to reduced emissions, higher safety, comfort, and a more enjoyable, dynamic riding experience.

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Electric integrated system up to 4 kW

The eScooter drive system guarantees optimized driving performance with superior quality and robustness of the wheel hub motor or integrated drive unit for performance from 0.25 kW up to 4 kW.

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Electric central drive system up to 20 kW

The 48 V central drive system can be used for any light electric vehicle between 4 – 20 kW. Thanks to scalability, the system components can be multiplied to suit the vehicle class and power requirement.

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Intelligence on your handlebar

The Bosch eBike on-board computers will support you whatever your riding plans: from delivery of the key riding data right through to route calculation.


For more safety on the road

The world's first production-ready eBike ABS from Bosch enables controlled and stable braking, even under difficult conditions.


The heart of e-bikes

Harmonious or powerful? This matters. The Bosch drive provides you with a unique e-bike experience.

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