Interior monitoring enhances safety, comfort, and convenience for all vehicle occupants.
The system is able to detect driver distraction, signs of drowsiness, and even whether a child has been left behind in the vehicle, and it alerts the driver to critical situations. Safety systems, such as the seat belt alert function, are further enhanced using information acquired from the vehicle interior. Besides the various safety-related applications, the solution also provides a range of innovative interaction options, like gesture control for distraction-free operation of the infotainment system. Vehicle interior monitoring systems will in future be absolutely essential in automated vehicles for ascertaining whether the driver is able to take control of the vehicle in a particular situation.



through reduced driver distraction and critical situation alerts


user experience

thanks to innovative interaction options



provided by a modular platform concept for configuring and integrating the system



Driver identification and position detection enables automatic adaptation of the comfort, convenience, and safety settings.